Learning Management Center

Ornella Ghawi

The Learning Management Center (LMC) is an integral part of the school's academic and social education, as it presents a collection of resources, services, and books. The aim of the LWIS-CiS LMC is to provide a collection of books, materials, magazines etc., to learners of all levels:
  • to optimally satisfy the development of their education and general knowledge,
  • to enhance their reading ability,
  • to promote the use of library resources for researching and acquiring information.
Learners are assigned by language departments to read stories from the library, do different activities such as book reviews, analyzing characters etc. as required by the curriculum.

The LMC assigns an hour per week for each class to visit and borrow books. During this hour, the Librarian reads stories to learners in lower levels. The Librarian helps learners conduct research. Learners are sent by other departments for research and are assisted by the Librarian in the selection of material. She/he is involved in curriculum development by informing Heads of Departments about the availability of new textbooks and references and is aware of what learners are being taught.

The LMC holds two book fairs per year; one for English books and the other for Arabic books.


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Introduction to the Library
by Mrs. Shernel Mardini
for Class 104 & Secondary 1 Learners
Halloween Storytelling
for Elementary School Learners
by Mrs. Shernel Mardini
Thanks Giving Storytelling
by Mrs. Shernel Mardini
for Elementary & Preschool Learners

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