School Management Parents Committee Decisions
School Management/Parents Committee Decisions

Dear Parents/Guardians:
I hope this email finds you well.
Due to the financial difficulties we are all facing, and in order to continue giving the quality of education we are used to, the school requested in April 2021 to increase the tuition fees for the Academic Year 2021-2022. The parents committee found no other way except approving the requested increase in tuition fees to maintain the quality of service provided by the school, assuming no drastic changes in the country’s financial situation will occur.
Since then, the dollar exchange rate, which was LBP12,000 at that time, has increased to reach LBP20,000 during the summer, when most of the school supplies were purchased and commitments were done, and the government subsidy on the mazout and petrol has been removed, hence increasing its cost by 1000% (10 times).
Those changes overburdened the budget and set the school into a substantial deficit if it were to maintain its quality of education and go back to face-to-face learning. Hence, the parents committee met again on Thursday, September 9th, 2021, re-assessed the school budget related to fuel and transportation and accepted the following:
1. Establish an emergency fund to be used only for fuel expenses, transportation for staff/teachers and emergency cost required by fresh dollars for the operation of the school.
2. Parents must pay the amount of USD130 fresh for every child urgently before Monday, October 4th, 2021. This amount is expected to be the same for 3 terms as long as the school is in need of fresh dollars to pay for the expenses listed above that are required urgently to   support face-to-face learning.
3. By the second week of December 2021, the school is expected to share with the parents committee a statement of account showing the balance and expenses grouped by category for every month.
4. The parents committee will meet before December 2021 vacation and analyze how much was spent to support face-to-face learning and additional expenses pertaining to fuel and transportation for staff and teachers and decide what to do with the remaining balance. Options will favor allocating the remaining amount to school for self-support. However this should not happen before the parents   committee meets in December, analyze what was spent for the main purpose listed above, and disburse the remaining amount based on the approval of the parents committee.
For any further information regarding the above, please contact either Mr. Zaher Bou Daher at 71-775524 or Mr. Mazen Obeidi at 03-625718.


Nather Simhairi, Ph.D.
School Principal

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