Elementary School

Elementary Learners Celebrating
Independence Day.

Cartoon Characters Drawings By
G3 Learners

Elementary Virtual Halloween Party

Grade 3 Virtual Halloween

Grade 5 Virtual Halloween

Elementary Student Orientation 20-21

Grade 4 Learners Designed
And Tested The Weather Tools

French 301 Celebrate Labour Day In Their Own Way
And Express Their Opinion On Their Future Job.

"2020 New Me: How to be Assertive
and a Good Communicator
to Avoid Behavioral Problems
An assembly conducted by
Mrs. Hiba Jazzar for Elementary learners

Grade 2 learners collaborating to
create their own food chain.

French G302 students present
their family trees
and do peer evaluation.

Grade 5 learners
Cell"brating with a pizza party

Grade 5 learners' lab session on
how to use a microscope to observe cells

Elementary School Pajama Day

متعلّمو الصّفّ الخامس يتعرّفون
إلى قوانين الألعاب الرّياضيّة

Grade 3 working collaboratively
in a science class
to Explore the Process Skills

Grade 4 learners demonstrating
a food web in the playground
using colorful yarns and animal cards

Elementary School Celebrating
Lebanese Apples Day

Grade 3 learners are engaged
in a STEAM activity.

They designed a model of their choice,
tested it, reflected on the design,
and improved it.

Grade 5 learners
Exploring Cell Organelles
using the jigsaw method

Grades 3, 4 & 5 Learners
Welcome Camp at Swings, Baabdat

Hooray for a New Year..
Assembly for Elementary School
Learners by Miss Faten Ghaith

1st PALS meeting session for
Elementary School parents/guardians
about Sexual Health facilitated by
Dr. Michael Nawfal at the school assembly

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