Elementary School 19-20 / 20-21

Elementary School 20-21

KG3 Enjoying The Last Days Of Another
Exceptional School Year Painting A Summer Mural
And Writing On The Bricks Keeping Safe
Out In The Nature's Green Outdoors.

A Great Team Building Activity;
G1 Learners Enjoyed Having
Before Their Summer Break

Grade 1 Learners Planning Out their Bucket List
For A Funtastic Summer Vacation!

The Alligator Is Always Hungry, And
Numbers Are His Food. He Always Eats
The Biggest Number No Matter What His Mood.
Is It More Than, Less Than, Or Equal?
First Graders Enjoyed Making Their Own Alligator
To Play The Game And Guess The Answers.

Elementary Learners Went On A Shape Hunt
At School Campus To Discover The Different
ShapesWe Have In Nature And Come Up
With Their Own Book Of Shapes

Elementary Learners Made Lovely Drawings
Using The Shapes They Discovered Recently

Elementary Learners Celebrating
Independence Day.

Cartoon Characters Drawings By
G3 Learners

* A Mom Is A Person Who Takes Everyone's

Elementary Virtual Halloween Party

Grade 3 Virtual Halloween

Grade 5 Virtual Halloween

Elementary Student Orientation 20-21

Elementary School 19-20

Grade 4 Learners Designed
And Tested The Weather Tools.

French 301 Celebrate Labour Day In Their Own Way
And Express Their Opinion On Their Future Job.

"2020 New Me: How to be Assertive
and a Good Communicator
to Avoid Behavioral Problems
An assembly conducted by
Mrs. Hiba Jazzar for Elementary learners

Grade 2 learners collaborating to
create their own food chain.

French G302 students present
their family trees
and do peer evaluation.

Grade 5 learners
"Cell"brating with a pizza party

Grade 5 learners' lab session on
how to use a microscope to observe cells

Elementary School Pajama Day

متعلّمو الصّفّ الخامس يتعرّفون
إلى قوانين الألعاب الرّياضيّة

Grade 3 working collaboratively
in a science class to
Explore the Process Skills

Grade 4 learners demonstrating
a food web in the playground
using colorful yarns and animal cards

Elementary School Celebrating
Lebanese Apples Day

Grade 3 learners are engaged
in a STEAM activity.

They designed a model of their choice,
tested it, reflected on the design,
and improved it.

Grade 5 learners
Exploring Cell Organelles
using the jigsaw method

Grades 3, 4 & 5 Learners
Welcome Camp at Swings, Baabdat

Hooray for a New Year..
Assembly for Elementary School
Learners by Miss Faten Ghaith

1st PALS meeting session for
Elementary School parents/guardians
about Sexual Health facilitated by
Dr. Michael Nawfal at the school assembly

Orientation Day
for Elementary School Parents
1st Day at School

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