Middle School 19-20 / 20-21
Middle School 20-21

Middle school student orientation 20-21

Middle school learners back to school

Middle School 19-20

تأثير الأهل في مرحلة المراهقة، اختار طلّاب السّنة الثّامنة
شخصيّات حقّقت نجاحًا في حياتها بفضل تربية الأهل وتحفيزهم
وعرضوها في الصّفّ، ثمّ فُتحت أبواب المناقشة
وتبادل الآراء حول الموضوع.

Middle School
Christmas Celebrations

Middle school learners finalizing
their stories that covered the
ethics themes during term one

From the Middle School
Christmas Celebrations

LWIC-CiS G 9 learners
share a healthy snack while discussing
the Importance of Healthy Food
for a Healthy Living

Ethics Middle School learners
creating stories related to their themes:
Belonging, Human Interrelationships,
Social Media, and Healthy Living

to sum up their term 1 discussions.

Grade 9 learners invited the founder
of Beit Al Baraka NGO
who gave them an awareness session
about poverty in Lebanon,
what services the NGO provides,
and how LWIS-CiS learners can help.

Grade 6 learners engaged in
discussions and activities about
The Human Need of Love,
Belonging and Connecting with Others

Grade 7 learners discussed the
Importance of Sself-Awareness
which leads to a better human
interrelationship and ended the session
with a meditation exercise

LWIS-CiS G 6 learners discussing
the topic of Citizenship
(our rights and responsibilities)

under their theme of belonging

Grade 9 learners discussing
Ways to Manage Their Daily Stress
to reach a healthier level of living

Middle School Learners discussing
the Importance of Privacy and
learning ways to rise it's level
on their social media platforms

Grade 9 learners discussing
How Healthy Living Begins with
Our Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Grade 8 learners discussing
How Face and Body Retouch Apps
Can Affect Our Self-Esteem
how we should raise our privacy settings
when we post on our social media platforms

Grade 6 learners discussing
and doing activities related to the
Importance of Empathy and Connecting
People to Reach the Ultimate Sense of Belonging

Grade 7 learners, under the
theme "Human Interrelationships",
discussing the significance of respect
among students and teachers
by going over the rules and
regulations at school

Beginning of Academic Year 19-20
Assemblies for Middle School Learners

Middle School Celebrating
Lebanese Apples Day

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