No More Litter Project

No More Litter Campaign Project

Project Description

The Big Idea of the project is to develop a positive impact on the learners’ knowledge, attitude and leadership with respect to litter and waste management in order to help learners become global citizens.


Learners are to become agents for promoting anti-littering and keeping their environment clean and orderly.


  • To reduce litter and waste on school premises through changes in the learners’ mindset
  • To increase the learners’ knowledge and practical skills with regards to preventing and managing litter and waste
  • To develop responsible youth who show respect and good citizenship for their environment and community


The problem this project tackles is finding ways and methods to manage litter on school premises through the learners’ engagement

No More Litter Campaign Project Virtual Exhibition

The virtual exhibition provides an opportunity for learners to display their work throughout the campaign, from the planning, process description and sharing to the end products and reflections. The work is done across all the school sections.

The link consists of different types of products that vary from dazzling PowerPoint slides, creative videos, creation of games, reports, essays and graphical data presentations to posters, drawings and inspiring words to remind LWIS-CiScommunity of promoting anti-littering and keeping the school environment clean.

Below are the instructions on how to access and navigate through the "No More Litter Campaign Project Virtual Exhibition”:

  • Step 2: Wait for the exhibition to load and all products appear.
  • Step 3: Use the arrows and footprint navigation to move between walls and rooms.
  • Step 4: Click on the displayed products for details and information about each product. You can click on the Learn More button to open the link for videos, presentations, essays, games, etc.

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