Preschool 20-21

Preschool Back To School. What A Joy To Get
TogetherSafely Engaged In Our Learning Journey.

KG3 At Its Best In Class, Building Sentences
And Sharing Proudly Their Reading Comprehensive
Skills.So Happy To Have You Back At School.

Watch Our KG1 Learners Measure Each Other,
Compare And Contrast With Manipulatives And Counters..
Wow! Look How Much We've Grown!

KG1 Rainbows Showering Mother Earth
With Love And Care... Happy Earth Day
To Our Happy Home 🌎🌈🌍🌈

After Listening To The Story "The Earth Book"
By Todd Parr The KG3 Learners Designed
And Presented Their "Save The Earth" Poster.
Happy Earth Day #Lwisnetwork #Lwiscis #Wearelwis
Video Link:

It Is Spring! Grade1 French Learners Apply
Their Learning To Real Life Situations.
C'est Le Printemps! Les Apprenants De La Classe
De Français (Grade1) Appliquent Les Concepts Appris A La Vie Réelle.
Video Link:

When KG3 Arabic Learners Build
Their Very Own Story Elements,
They Own Voice And Choice. Enjoy👍

It Is Spring. KG2 Learners
A Quire Knowledge While Drawing Butterflies.

All You Need Is LOVE In Our Spectacular
KG1..Happy Valentine To The World Made
With A Whole Lot Of Love

KG2 inquisitive learners experimenting
STEM challenge fun hands on, sheltering their animals
with Phonics use of letter U for Umbrella.
Dancing in the Rain.

Meet Our Littlest KG1 Builders.
They Are Confident Autonomous Learners,
Making Their Own Choices Of Creating Designing
And Building Whatever They Like.

With Our LWiS-CiS Little learners Happiness
And Excitement Never Fails No Matter what,
Our Super Splendid Mini Chefs In KG1 Class.

Our KG3 Learners All Snuggled In,
Wrapped Up In Their Warm Wintery Blankets,
Enjoying A Fun Wintery Story Time Altogether Online.

Love Is Love At LWiS CiS...Our KG3 Heartland Challenge.
Valentine Shaped With Love Everywhere
And For Everyone Around 💕

Elementary Learners Celebrating Christmas

The Best Of All Gifts Around Any Christmas Tree:
The Presence Of Happy Joyful Kids, Playing,
Giggling And Having So Much Fun.
Happy Holidays From Our Preschool Family.

نشاط عيد الميلاد G2

KG3 Inspired By The Famous Artist Kandinsky
Drew The Lebanese Flag And Sang The National Anthem.

Preschool Fabulous "Face To Face"
Friday.. Enthusiastic Happy Faces With A
Great Learning Adventure To Remember.

Each Day Is An Enthusiastic Live Distance Learning
Experience With Engaging Preschool Energy.

Preschool Group Orientation
Keeping Distancing And Proper Sanitization
At All Times 🙏😘

First Day Of Preschool Online Learning.
Way To Go With Distance Learning,
After Making Sure All Parents Tutorials
Were Properly Conducted.. A Wild Experience To All.

Second Day Of An Exciting Distance Learning
For Kg1 Kg2 And Kg3, Altogether
With Props Puppets And Powerpoint Activities.


Our Bright Little KG1 Learners Playing
The Roles Of Important Community Helpers In The World,
Showing Respect And Responsibility To All.
Such Pride And Joy!

All About Magnets With Reflective Explorers
KG3 Learners. We Will Communicate All About It Together Soon.
Keep Happy And Safe Little Big Ones. We Love You ❤

Transportation Unit In Progress.
KG1 Going Places From The
Comfort Of Their Safe Homes...
Can't Wait To Visit Each Other
Soon Little Lovely Heroes.

KG2 Highest Tower Challenge
SUCH FUN AT HOME With Our Little
Ones Being Active, Reflective Innovative,
Happy At Home🙏😘

KG3 Learners Taking Ownership Of Their Own
Inventions, Introducing Each Their Very Own
Adding Machine And Presenting It Themselves...
Way To Go KG3..So Proud Of You 👏👏

Lwis Cis Preschool Champions...
You Are Not Alone...We're All In This Together...
Because Of You Little Heroes All Will Be Fine..
You Are The BEST EVER...
We Will Hug Each Other Soon..
Good Things Are On Our Way♥🙏
From Your Preschool Team..Until We Meet Soon

LOVE and Learning go together
with our sweet smiley KG2 learners..
We miss those faces so much..keep smiling..
We love you too❤

Creativity and art innovation at its best with
KG3 keeping safe at home. HELLO EASTER.

Bright KG3 Engineers Fixing
Their Genuine Wheels And Axles Out
Of Junk Recyclable Parts..Way To Go

LWiS CiS Preschool Sunshine Kids Coloring
The World With Bright Rainbows, Right From Home,
Sending Love Hope And Cheer From Lebanon To The World
#Stayhome #Keepsafe #Weloveyou

Our Lovely KG2 Pet Project..
Such Genuine Fun We All Had..Love My Pet♥
Safe At Home With My Pet
Keep Smiling, We Miss You Immensely 😘

An out of the world spirit Day ..
Join Our LWiS CiS Preschool learners
their magnificent authentic
TENT DAY..Yayyy💪🏻👏

Look At Our KG1 Littlest Learners..
Most Wonderful Kids In Full Action..
Big Hugs To All 👍

KG2 Little Farmers Sharing The Life Of A Cow
With Some Cool Meditation In Between...
Keep The Learning Fun From Home 💕

Our Lovely Little Learners On Track With Their
Online Learning ....Pulley Experiments
Gravity Observation, Project Presentations,
Literacy And Numeral Applications,
Arabic And English Story Reading Comprehension
And More.. Such Fun..You Makes Proud..You're The Best♥

KG2 on Task With Their
Multilayer Birthday Cake Challenge...
Keep Celebrating Life Our Little Brainbusters...
We Love You♥

Our Ingenious KG3 Crazy Chef Challenge..
You Put a Smile On Our Face..We Miss You ..

Experimental Observational
Funky Art Part 2 . KG2 B..

Take a look at our Funky Friday! Our learners
enjoyed reading And eating popcorn
in a bathtub! Yes We Do Eat In a Bathtub!!!

Preschool Teachers Preparing
Music And Movements Videos
To Share With Their Learners At Home

LWiS CiS Preschool Proves To Be Full Full Full Of LOVE..
Nothing But Love With Our Little Learners...
Family And Friends Love .... .Love Letters, Lovable Stories,
Loved Activities And Most Loved Recipes..It's
All About Love Bugs And Bear Hugs.. Happy All The way...

KG2 Learners Create Wonders
On Their Animal Unit Observational Art..
Way To Go

Take a Look At Our KG2 Funky Friday !
Our Learners Had a Wild Time
With Their Special Messy Day.
Class Tables Were Flipped Over
And Wrapped With Plastic Foil Around The Legs.
Learners Painted In Amazement Alongside The Foil,
Sharing Their Feelings About It,
Turning Plastic Into Lovely Pieces Of Art..

KG2 Measurement Using
Non Standard Units

Messy Crazy Art ...High five KG2

KG3 Celebrating Diversity on Special Homes.
Based on the story "The Big Orange Splot",
learners designed creatively their own houses
out of their own autonomous imagination.

Pancake & Hot Cocoa Sale

Helping our gingerbread man cross
the river into the nasty storm..
Building a raft, a boat or a bridge
to save him from the sly fox

Kg1 little learners linking Colors and feelings...
"How this color makes me feel? "
in relation to the shared story"
The Color Monster ".

Snow Fun Activities
By KG3 Learners

KG1 Honoring Multiculturalism
and diversity around the world,
exploring and comparing the various
shades and colors of our skin..

Pajama Day

Preschool Christmas spectacle and
seasonal show with Rudolph and Santa

Designing and decorating
Gingerbread cookies
and shaping up
with a healthy snack as part of the
Parent Involvement Program

Parents Involvement Program:
Christmas Story time at KG2 B

L'histoire du fameux
Gingerbread Man en Francais
Such an exciting activity
for all Preschool learners.

KG 1 learners are so proud
to pair and share faces features.
Beautiful Me, Myself and I..

Wonderful world of Art in KG 2 classes,
where our learners launched
their mind on a creative journey.

Marvelous Masquerade Mascots
with memorable moments
filling up our Preschool

1st Preschool Bake Sale:
Yummy pizza and pasta salads

Matching colors with a fun
sensory pipe cleaner's activity
Our KG 1 learners shared good focus
and excitement over this fine motor
skill practice recognizing colors

Fall has come, the wind is gusting,
KG1 learners are on the move,
observing, collecting and investigating
What Fall is All About

Save our Trees Theme:
Investigate, observe, discover
and wonder about how a tree can be...
Measure and count how many
learners it takes to hug a tree

Discovering, exploring and enjoying
literacy, numeracy and
environmental 3D tapestry

all in one in KG3

Preschool Celebrating
Lebanese Apples Day

Celebrating Smile Day

Preschool learners playing
one of their favorite games,
looking for colors in the school campus:
Markers, papers and off they go...

Orientation Day
for Preschool Parents

Preschoolers 1st Day
at School

First Day of Preschool Extravaganza..
Hurray for the 1st Day

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