Preschool Sports Day With Dad
at Hoops Club - Beirut

Preschool Funky Hairdo Day

Our KG 1 Seed Study,
observing and sorting seeds

by size, color and shape,
using our five senses and then
enjoying a good healthy tasting party

KG2 & KG3 Learners Visit
to Braveheart Foundation at AUBMC

Preschool Student-Led
Portfolios/Parents Conferences

Preschool EASTER EGG-Stravaganza
Fun Free Day ..Our Learners
Enjoyed Egg Hunt,
Face Painting, Popcorn
and Splash Painting

KG3 B "Fiesta With Mom"
and Sweet Surprise Gathering
as part of Preschool
Mother's Day Celebrations

A Fun Filled Puppet Show,
Presented by Nayla Kayyat Theater,

Attended by All Preschoolers
Where Fable Stories Were Joyfully Shared

KG3 A "Fiesta With Mom" 
and Sweet Surprise Gathering 
as part of Preschool 
Mother's Day Celebrations

Our Exciting Choco-Story
Discovery Trip...

Preschoolers Share Hands On,
a World of Delicious Wonders

KG1 "Dance With Me Mom"
and Sweet Surprise Gathering
as part of Preschool
Mother's Day Celebrations

KG2 "Mommy and Me Designers Show"
and Sweet Surprise Gathering
as part of Preschool
Mother's Day Celebrations

KG2: Les Cinq Sens.
Pour terminer le thème de cinq sens,
nous avons préparé un gâteau.
Les enfants ont pu observer
les étapes de préparation
et la cuisson du gâteau.
Par suite, ils ont senti sa bonne odeur.
Et finalement ils ont pu le goûter.

KG3: Les Bonnes Manièrs.
Pour terminer le thème
des bonnes manières,
nous avons fait un gâteau.
Les enfants ont appris alos
coment couper le gâteau.
Et bien tenir la fourchelle pour enfin
le goûter et le manger jusqui
à la derniere niette.

Neighborhood Walk Down Beirut Souks,
Greeting Various Community Helpers
in Our Daily Life, Giving them
More Appreciative Cheer and Smile.
Such an Impact from
LWiS-CiS Preschoolers

Pajama Day

Animal City Zoological Encounter...
Empower the Sense of Preschool
Respect, Responsibility and Empathy
Towards Animal World

Preschool and Grades 1 & 2
Valentine's Day Trip
Tournesol Theater, Tayyouneh,
to Watch "Alf Wardé W Wardé" Play

KG1 Having Fun
Creating Recycled Robots

and Learning Team Work, Creativity,
Cooperation and Problem Solving

KG1 Sorting Pom Poms -
Big and Small

and Learning about
Problem Solving & Cooperation

Pancake & Hot Cocoa Sale

KG3 Students Interested in Different Forms
of Architecture From Around the World:

Huts, Houseboats, Igloos, Tepee, Buildings...
Learning Teamwork, Problem Solving,
Persistence, Creative Thinking & Communication

Its Christmas... And Its Time for
Christmas Storytelling at Preschool

by Mrs. Shernel Mardini

KG1 Christmas Tree -
Fine Motor Activity
Teaching Learners Resilience
& Eye-Hand Coordination

Our Little Scientists KG2 A & B,
Visit to the Lab, Observing,
Inquiring, and Exploring Bones

KG1 Learners Exploring Faces
as Part of Their Inquiry
"Me and My Amazing Body"

Thanksgiving Storytelling
for KG2 Students
by Mrs. Shernel Mardini

Parent Involvement Program (PIP): 
Pumpkin and Butter Squash
 Arts and Crafts

LWIS-CiS KG1 Learners
Having a Joyful Picnic

with Grandparents at Sanayeh Park

Awesome Autumn Dancing Leaves
Taking Over Our SCHOOL grounds...
Happy Twirling Painted Leaves
by KG 2 & KG 3 Little Artists...

Preschoolers Shopping
Their Own Pumpkin for Halloween..

Parent Involvement Program
In KG2 A & B Classes,

Where Fun Exploration and Wonder
Go Together With Inquiry Based Learning

Preschool Halloween
Haunted Hallway Fun Day

Fall Fiesta Bake Sale

As Part of Celebrating
United Nations Day, October 24th,

KG2 & KG3 Students Visited the
ESCWA Organization DT Beirut,

Performed in Front of Its Members and
Presented a Painting They Made
as a Gift to the ESCWA Executive Director...

Click HERE to view
more pictures from the
Preschoolers visit to the ESCWA

Click here to watch Video on YouTube

Celebrating World Smile Day

LWIS-CiS KG1 Students
Having Good Time at
Sanayeh Garden, Beirut

KG2 & KG3 Students
Having Fun at Yuppi Park, Hazmieh

Preschoolers 1st Day at School

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