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LWIS-CIS Community Home Planting Initiative.
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Home Planting Initiative:

LWIS-CIS Varsity Teams

Don't Stop Your Dreams:

AT LWIS CiS Preschool, We Keep Safe ..We Keep Fit..We Keep Healthy..We Keep Happy...
No Matter What The Challenges, Ever Together Stronger At Home.

Preschool Zumba Session:

LWIS-CIS Basketball session for Middle and Senior School Students

Basketball Session:

E-learning filling up our learners long days during quarantine and keeping them
active, creative, and physically fit through fun sports, crafts, music and dance activities.

Co-curricular Online Activities:

LWIS-CIS Preschoolers In Action During Quarantine

Preschool Warm Up Session:

This Is How LWIS-CIS Middle And Senior School Students Stay Active During Quarantine

Basic Fitness Session For Middle And Senior School Students:

LWIS-CiS Elementary Craft And Creativity Time During Quarantine

Salt Dough Elementary Craft Activity:

To Our LWIS CiS Preschool Learners...Here's To You..Keep Safe..We Miss You

Zumba Session Like:

Stretching And Warm Up Session:

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