Location and School Facilities

The LWIS-CiS campus located in the heart of Beirut comprises three main buildings:

  •  Block A which houses the administration, Middle School Section, cafeteria, library, Counseling offices, infirmary, the arts and craft workroom, IT labs, and staff rooms.
  • Block B which houses the Preschool and Elementary Sections, biology and chemistry lab, learning support department and the speech and psycho-motor therapist’s room.
  • Block C which houses the Senior School Section, physics lab, arts room, assembly hall, an indoor playground equipped for football, basketball and rugby training, nutrition class kitchen, career counselor’s office, and the community service office.

The school also has three rented sporting facilities which are used by the school’s football, basketball, rugby, and volley ball teams in addition to the basketball court on the school premises. The Elementary Section also uses a rented swimming facility in Beirut for swimming lessons for some classes.

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