National, IBDP, and United States (US) Curricula

International education through National, IBDP and United States (US) Curricula

At LWIS, we believe internationalism can be experienced even in schools that follow a national curriculum with predominantly national pupils and staff. While the provision of an international curriculum to a school population may facilitate achieving international standards, we believe that the opportunity to experience internationalism is not cultivated only by the curriculum but rather through the provision of an educational system and environment of international-mindedness.

Hence, as well as providing international education through US curricula, some of our schools follow a national curriculum which we modify and embed into our international-minded community providing these learners with exposure to and knowledge of a dual educational system.

At LWIS-CiS, the Lebanese National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the American High School Program are on offer; the Lebanese National Curriculum culminating with the Lebanese Baccalaureate Diploma and the American High School Program culminating with the American High School Diploma. We are now a an authorized International Baccalaureate World School for the Diploma Programme (IB DP).

In the Middle and Senior School sections, learners follow the American High School Program or the Lebanese Baccalaureate Program. LWIS-CiS offers a flexible, multi-leveled program of studies in all subjects, leading to the American High school diploma or IBDP program, and an array of electives.

LWIS-CiS students learn Arabic, English, and French from the age of three and are offered Spanish in Senior School. LWIS-CiS offers English as a Second Language for non-English speaking learners and has a Support Department for learners who are academically challenged. This allows the school to provide support for those who need it both in and outside the classroom.

LWIS-CiS provides a number of different electives available to learners and has a number of extra-curricular programs, including varsity teams, the Model United Nations-MUN, and local community service opportunities. A Student Council represents the student body and gives students an active voice in LWIS-CiS affairs. The school is constantly seeking other positive avenues for student involvement, including student assemblies, clubs, artistic performances, and international competitions.

Catering to about 800 students, LWIS-CiS is proud to have a multicultural community of various religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds from all around the world.




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