Community Service Program

Josette Daher
Senior School
Community Service Coordinator


The Community Service and Action Program at LWIS-CiS has been established to consolidate and facilitate the philosophy on which LWIS-CiS was built: to develop a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and socially minded youth prepared for lifelong learning.

By combining curriculum-based learning with meaningful service to the community, the Community Service and Action Program aims to produce active change agents with the necessary values and skills to facilitate change in the community. Students will be exposed to, and investigate, the direct needs of their community and the potential for change will be placed in their hands. In this process, the Community Service and Action Program hopes to instill values such as empathy, respect, humility, comradery and community awareness as well as fine-tune skills such as leadership, organization and reliability.

Policy and Practice

  • Every High School American program student must complete 60 hours of service in order to graduate.
  • Every High School Lebanese program student must complete 40 hours of service at the end of Secondary 2 class, in order to graduate.
  • Completion of Community Service hours is a prerequisite for a student’s graduation.
  • Students are not to receive payment for their services and are not to complete volunteer service with a family member.
  • Students are encouraged to come up with their own Community Service ideas to be approved by the Community Service Coordinator before implementation.
  • Services can be to the school community/local community, or the world at large.
  • Each student will be provided with a Verification Form that will state the hours, tasks, name of organization, and the signature of both the Community Service Coordinator and the organization itself.
  • A student will earn 10 hours by being a member of any LWIS-CiS Varsity team; however, perseverance and regular participation are required.
  • Completed Community Service hours will be stated on the report card.

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