Registration Procedure
Student Registration

  • The vice principal holds an interview with the parents and learners. We inquire about academic, social, and behavioral backgrounds. Introduce the school in all its aspects (philosophy, student body, staff, physical plant, national and international IB curriculum).
  • Learners must be age appropriate to the grade level they are applying to.
  • Parents fill a pre-registration form.
  • Nursery learners are interviewed by the Nursery teachers.
  • A placement test is assigned for all learners in math and English (comprehension and writing), and Arabic. The Arabic test for learners applying to join the American System is a level test only; the results of this test will not affect the admission decision. Learners applying to Grade 12 Lebanese system are assigned tests in other subjects, relevant to the section they are applying to (Sciences or Economics).
  • Results are turned in to the academic office within two days of the entrance exam, the academic coordinator summarizes the comments of the math, English and Arabic heads of departments, and sends the tests together with his comments and recommendations to the registrar.
  • A psycho-educational assessment is requested for learners with learning difficulties. The file is sent to the Integration and Support Department for an initial assessment. A meeting with the Counselor or the Head of ISD is assigned if requested by the department.
  • The results of the interview and the academic placement test are evaluated and a check on references and previous grades is made by the Heads of Sections, registrar, and Principal. A decision on admission is taken based on the above.
  • Learners with mild academic weaknesses are recommended to join summer school.
  • Learners with learning difficulties who can be accommodated by the support system and department are conditionally admitted.
  • The parents are informed of the admission decision, recommendations, and conditions, within one week of the entrance exams.
  • Parents are asked to complete a full application.
  • We provide a brochure that includes the philosophy and academic program of the school, the fee structure, school calendar and information on KG and American High School course selection sheet (if needed).


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