Mission and Vision

School Mission

The Mission of LWIS-City International School is to create a nurturing environment where students, faculty, and families work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility.

Guided by our values, Respect, Responsibility, and Relationship, and by the promotion of lifelong learning, LWIS-City International School will honor the special gifts in every child and support all learners.

Within the safe and flexible learning environment, our mission culminates in guiding children toward achieving their maximum potential and becoming meaningful contributors to an ever-diverse international society.

To achieve this, we offer a diverse and challenging curriculum with multi-level standards and a wide variety of choices, delivered by a qualified and experienced staff that leads by example. 

 School Vision

The Vision of LWIS-City International School is to cater to all learners regardless of their social, ethnic, or academic backgrounds or abilities.

Our goal is to motivate students to become independent, analytical thinkers, problem solvers, inquirers, responsible, ethical adults, good communicators, reflective, and technologically able researchers.

We also aim for our graduates to be self-confident, tolerant, and productive members of society. 

Learning Definition And Objectives

Learning is a lifelong process of understanding concepts, acquiring knowledge and transdisciplinary skills, and transforming them into a lasting impact on the learner’s behavior and attitude. 

We aim for our learner to be ethical, moral, empathetic, an analytical and logical thinker, inquirer, problem solver, risk taker, entrepreneur, independent and reflective self-learner, and internationally-minded citizen.

Learning is delivered in a safe, supportive, respectful, challenging, and rewarding environment of equal opportunities through experimenting, investigating, collaborating, reflecting, sharing, experiencing, and training.

The effect of learning is measured by a variety of formative and summative assessments, using qualitative and quantitative criteria.


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