2. Elementary School

Welcome to LWIS-CiS Elementary School Section

Sarah Al Jurdi
Head of Section

As you move around the section, you can see our youngsters enthusiastically involved in interactive learning through age-appropriate activities, games, research and plays as well as voluntarily participating in community service and environmental awareness activities, with the values of Respect, Responsibility and Relationship at the heart of their endeavors.

The core of LWIS-CiS’s mission is to promote critical thinking in young learners and help them become problem solvers, responsible, ethical and good communicators. Hence, in a rapidly changing world, an ongoing commitment at LWIS-CiS is to continuously look for and utilize updated resources and methodologies that meet the needs of the 21st century and enable young learners to master new ways of thinking!

As educators, we believe that children learn at different paces and with different learning styles. This is why our teachers implement differentiated instruction in their classrooms with the help of technology. Moreover, since memorizing facts and information is no longer the most important skill in today's world, we guide our learners into becoming inquirers by helping them develop age-appropriate inquiry and research skills. Our teachers also strive to inspire learners to become global citizens and future leaders by involving them in campaigns, tournaments, assemblies, etc…

To promote social and emotional learning, we incorporate mindfulness in the classroom. Mindfulness refers to the process of focusing your attention in the present. It involves a moment-by-moment awareness of sensations, thoughts, and feelings that you experience. The idea of a mindful mindset is to help ground yourself in your surroundings while dealing with stressful or overwhelming experiences. The benefits of including a mindfulness program are to reduce stress and anxiety, improve attention and focus, improve the students’ cognitive performance, improve memory and enhance social and emotional intelligence.

While teachers and learners seek to work cooperatively in a healthy learning environment, it is only with the collaboration of parents that this can be achieved. Parents are partners in learning and voicing their queries or suggestions to the head of section is all-important.

Together, we can promote life-long learning.

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