3. Middle School

Welcome to LWIS-CiS Middle School Section which offers both the American Program and Lebanese Program for Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 learners.

 Jaimy Kajaji
          Head of Section

The motto of LWIS-CiS is: "Where every child is a cornerstone of our school". Hence, because every child matters, learners at the Middle School Section are offered multi-level classes in almost all subjects that apply differentiated instruction and inquiry based learning, with the heavy use of technology, to cater for the learners’ needs and provide them with the challenge and motivation needed to realize their potential.

The main language of instruction for the American Program learners is English while French and Arabic are offered as second languages. For the Lebanese Program learners, the main languages of instruction are English and Arabic whereas French is offered as a second language. Support classes in math and English (language, reading and writing) are provided for learners showing weakness in those skills to bridge gaps and strengthen those skills. The Integration and Support Department also caters for Middle School learners with special needs by providing in and out of class support.

MiddleSchool learners have taken part in different competitions, including art, sports and reading. Each year, the section sends delegates to the Model United Nations where they compete and win diplomacy awards and position paper awards. The learners of the section undertake some charity work through the Community Service Program at school and have succeeded in aiding the less fortunate members of our society in many projects. Learners have also been conducive to saving our environment by being active members of recycling projects to collect and recycle garbage and plastic bottles. The Honor Society of the section has been growing gradually over the years, and its members of hard working learners are as dedicated as ever to being good citizens and leaders in society as well as good sportsmen and sportswomen. Every year, the Middle School learners participate in the Founder’s Day event to celebrate the values upon which LWIS-CiS was founded.

It is through cooperation with our learners, parents, administration, teachers, and staff that the school has become accredited by NEASC in 2011, after only nine years of its founding. We hope to continue working hand in hand to live up to our philosophy of catering to every individual learner now and in the future in order to have a generation of global citizens who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, responsible, ethical and good communicators.

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