Health Services

The school nurse, Mrs. Hassana Abi Nassif, weekly checks on the students of the pre-school section. She keeps a record of all students’ health, monitors and administers the medication when necessary, warns of any epidemic and follows up and gives precautionary advice on medical issues. She checks on all accidents and injuries and recommends doctor or hospital medical assistance.

The consultant pediatrician, Dr. Kamal Saad, does a yearly check up for students from Nursery to Grade 5 and is available for consultation.

The Science department holds talks on healthy eating habits to parents and students and runs a nutrition club that promotes health awareness. It also offers nutrition and health courses at high school level.

The physical education teachers promote the significance of nutrition, safety and physical fitness throughout the P.E. classes. They also provide first aid training for students of Grade 12 and hold a yearly sports camp under the theme of nutrition and health.

Assemblies To Raise Awareness
Among Learners And Staff About
The Symptoms Of Corona Virus
And The Precautionary Steps
To Protect The Community Against The Virus.

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