Co-Curricular Departments

Widad Abu Dargham
Head of Activities
& Co-Curricular Departments

1. Music

Rawand Shamseddine
Preschool Music
& Movement Teacher
Elementary School Music Teacher

The Music program will strive to enhance communication between LWIS’s constituents by providing opportunities
for our learners, parents and staff to collaborate in all aspects of school productions in a professionally designed area.

Productions involving the Performing Arts may range from:
  • theatrical education shows to talent shows for each section of the school.
  • musical concerts and rhythmic/drama performances.
  • mini movie productions.
  • community service productions for local orphanages and other community programs.
The objectives of this curriculum component are:
  • to develop learners’ creativity.
  • to create and recreate works in art, rhythmic, rhythmic movement, and theater, that are satisfying and meaningful.
  • to apply their knowledge and skills in relation to other areas of life.
  • to have a worldwide and broad view of the arts.
  • to find personal, familial and communal joy and excitement in the enriching qualities that arts can add to life.
  • to improve one’s self-confidence in public appearances to enhance learners’ communication skills.


2. Physical Education

Jad El Hajj
Middle & Senior Schools Teacher

Michael Fares
Elementary & Middle Schools Teacher

Sirine Yassine
Elementary School Teacher

Nawal Adada
Preschool & Elementary School
PE & Dance Teacher

In Physical Education, emphasis is placed on a broad spectrum of learning and personal development.
Learning involves thinking and feeling, being active and processing information, and not just using skills.
This program works with all children regardless of their talents, skills, or limitations since they all have the potential to become physically educated.


First Boys Basketball Tournament
on LWIS-CiS Court, with participation of
. Congratulations
to LWIS-CiS for Winning 1st place,
LWIS-USL 2nd place and LWIS-AIS 3rd place

Distribution of Beirut Championship Awards
at the Ministry of Education

Football Boys 2004-2005 1st Place,
Basketball Boys 2005- 2006 2nd Place,
Volleyball Girls 2003-2004 3rd Place

U12 Football Varsity Team
for Winning the
Beirut All Schools Championship

LWIS-CiS Hosted
Girls Volleyball League on its Courts
With the Participation of
LES, Khaled Ben Al-Walid
and Sagesse High Schools

Final Round of the 
Girls Volleyball Tournament

on LWIS-CiS Courts:
Congratulations to Khaled Bin Al-Walid
School for Winning 1st Place,
Sagesse School (Brazilia) 2nd Place
and LWIS-CiS 3rd Place.

Junior Varsity Futsal Team
Lost the 1/4 Final of Beirut Championship
against Rawda  High School 4-2

Kids Basketball Varsity Team
for Winning 2nd Place

in Beirut All Schools Championship

Boys Basketball Kids Varsity Team
Won 28-22 Against St. Gregorios School
at Beirut Championship

Girls Volleyball Junior Varsity Team
Lost 1 - 2 Against Khalen Ben Al -Walid
School at Beirut Championship

Congratulations LWIS-CiS Team
for Winning 4th Place in
Beirut Kids Athletics Championship

Elementary School
Football Tournament
for Boys & Girls

As Part of LES Football League
LWIS-CiS Girls Varsity Team
Lost 1-0 vs BBS,
Kids Team Lost 3- 2 vs SMOC,
and Junior Team Won 3- 2 vs SMOC

Swimming Certificates
for Grade 5A
Radisson Blu Martinez
Indoor Swimming Pool

3. Craft and Technical Arts

Ovsanna Telfeyan
Senior School Art Teacher

Claudette Njeim
Elementary & Middle Schools
Craft Teacher

Our Craft and Technical Arts program is yet another place where head, heart and hands converge, providing opportunities to tackle real world design challenges. 

The program allows learners to work conceptually and physically, moving from theory to practice: bringing the designs of the mind into the physical world while providing a rewarding sense of accomplishment and empowerment. 

The objectives of this program creative expression, collaborative learning, and competency in the language of craft and design, and personal empowerment by building confidence in their own creative and productive abilities. 

Craft encourages habits of hard work, effective collaboration and social interaction. 

4. Photography

Photography learners will explore the basics of photography and digital image editing as well as the principles of communication in today’s society. 

5. Video Production

Gabriel Haddad
Senior School Production Teacher Video 

6. Home Making

Home Making is a race designed for young people of home making, managing day-to-day operations.

The course includes many topics, such as food and cooking hygiene, home economics, home decor, ceramics, basics in cooking, nutrition, sewing and fitting, tailoring and alterations, drafting pattern, and sewing design.

Mriette Chahla
Senior School 
Home Making Teacher

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