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Student Council

Student Council

Basic Guidelines
It is essential that the student council conducts itself according to the philosophy and mission of LWIS- CiS, which reads as follows:
"The mission of LWIS- City International School is to create a nurturing environment where students, faculty, and families work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility. Guided by our values, Respect, Responsibility, and Relationship, and the promotion of lifelong learning, LWIS- CiS will honor the special gifts in every child and support all learners. Within the safe and flexible learning environment, our mission culminates in guiding children toward becoming meaningful contributors to an ever-diverse international society. To achieve this, we offer a diverse curriculum with multi-level standards and a wide variety of choices, delivered by a qualified and experienced staff that leads by example".

Student Council and Involvement
• Rights: Students have a right to form and engage in a student council that allows them a voice in LWIS- CiS affairs through a system of representation. Students have the right to question and debate student affairs and school issues, as well as receive a logical and timely response.
• Responsibilities: Students have a duty to participate in the student council and be involved in finding solutions to all issues raised.

Class Representative
To create a fair, class representation, a few points should be made clear regarding the election of the class representative.
• Every class should assign one representative for every 25 or less students with the assistance of the supervisor of the student council by the end of October of the current year.
• The supervisor of the student council will only assign class representatives who have been elected by the absolute majority of the class. Elections should take place in the presence of the supervisor of the student council.
• There are no requirements for a student to be elected as a class representative.
• When class representatives are elected, they automatically become members of the student council.
• Class representatives will speak and act on the behalf of their classmates on the student council. They will communicate their peers’ thoughts, concerns, suggestions, etc. during the student council meetings.
• Class representatives will be assigned certain responsibilities by the supervisor of the student council.
• At any time during the year, and should the majority of a class (> 50%) feel that their elected class representative has not executed his or her responsibilities adequately, they have the right to re-elect a new class representative who will automatically replace the previous one.

President of the Student Council
• Any Grade 12 (American program)/Year 11 (Lebanese program) class representative has the right to run for the position of the president of the student council.
• The student body will elect the president by a majority vote.
• The only requirements needed for a student to be eligible for the position of president of the student council are the following: a cumulative average of 70% and a clean disciplinary record.
• If at any time, the majority (> 50%) of the class representatives agrees that the elected president is not executing his or her responsibilities satisfactorily, they have the right to re-elect a new president under the supervision of the supervisor of the student council.


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