Senior School

Grade 12 Farewell

Grade 12 Water Fight

Iftar at LWIS-CiS
Organized by Grade 11 &
Secondary II Learners

Seniors Breakfast at
Qahwet Zeitouna
DT - Beirut

Secondary 3 Learners Farewell

من المطالعة إلى التّحليل
طلّاب الثّانوي الأوّل عبّروا
عن شخصيّات القصّة على طريقتهم

Learners of the
Operational Research Elective Course
Attending an Awareness Session

About Water in Lebanon
in Terms of Quality and Quantity
at the Ministry of Environment

Learners of the
Operational Research Elective Course
Visit to the Environmental
Health Lab at AUB,

are Introduced to the Different Water
Testing Techniques and Water Quality Control

Senior School Ski Trip
to Faraya

Football Tournament Organized
by Senior School Learners

Learners of the
Operational Research Elective Course
Having an Awareness Session

at the Ministry of Industry
About the Industrial Sector in Lebanon

As Part of the Nutrition Elective Course,
Bio 122 A Learners Observing the
Actual Clinical Consultation Part
to Assess Weights and the Quality
Assurance Part for Food Safety

Grade 12 Student Adam Fattal's
Experiment on
High Voltages in Air and Vacuum

Biology 122 B Visit to
The aim of the visit was to inform students
about the importance of organic farming
and its different practices,
by exploring the type of vegetation
planted organically in Lebanon

Grade 10 OR Visit to the
Ministry of Environment
an Informative Session About the
Quality of Water in Lebanon's Rivers

Senior School Students
Participating in Marathon Al-Istiklal,
on School Campus to Wrap Up
Fitness Month in the PE Department

"The Trial of Independence"
 "محاكمة الاستقلال"

a Play Prepared and Presented
by Secondary 2 Humanities Class
in Celebration of Independence Day

Green Space Students Planting Flowers,
Germinating Seeds and Composting
Organic Wastes From the Cafeteria
to be Used Later as Natural Fertilizers

English 124 Presenting Their
Re-Imagined Versions of  "Beowulf" 
an Anglo Saxon Epic Poem

Pre-IB Meeting for Parents
of Grade 10 and Secondary 1
Pre-IB Students at the Assembly

Physics 112 Students Calculate
the School's Elevators' Acceleration
Using Springs and Weights Only,
and Investigate Systems in Equilibrium
as Part of Newton's Laws Application.

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