Middle School

Les Élèves de 801
Présentent Un Projet
Sur la Mer et la Montagne

Middle School Students Reflect on the
 Importance of Nurturing Leadership Traits
and Discuss How to Become Tolerant,
Positive, Persevering, Collaborative,
and Supportive

نشاط حول صفحات مطالعة مقروءة
 من قبل تلاميذ الصّفّ السّادس

بحث طلّاب الصّفّ التّاسع
في موضوع أسباب التّدخين وأضراره
وطرق الإقلاع عنه

Interactive Presentation by Waznat
for Grades 6, 7 and Year 7 Students
About Empathy and How to Communicate
With the Underprivileged

Independence Day Spirit 
in the Middle School

Middle School Students
Participating in Marathon Al-Istiklal,
on School Campus to Wrap Up
Fitness Month in the PE Department

Conflict Resolution Workshop
by Mr. Fadi Abi Allam,
Founding Member and President of
Permanent Peace Movement
and Consultant of Prime Minister
on Matters of Human Security,
for Middle & Senior Schools Students

Middle School Halloween Party
Organized by the Prom Committee

Conflict Resolution Session
for Middle School Students
at the Assembly

Middle School Students
Discuss the Soft Skills of Active
Listening and Communication

which Left the Impact of Empathy,
Effort, and Attention.

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